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Create a book using the instructions on the back of the flyer and/ or the videos on the website. Fill it with your drawings and stories. See how creative you can be – can you make pop-ups, windows or a poster on the inside?


Download the flyer as a pdf from google or from this site.
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31st Aug 2022 Deadline for submitting your book. This submission is digital. Only winners and follow ups will have to lend us their book for exhibition. For how to enter see below.

1st – 10th September 2022 All photos will be uploaded for public voting to the dedicated instagram feed:
Winner of the public vote is the book with the most likes on September 10 at noon.

11th Sept 2022 Winners of all prizes will be announced on 11th Sept 2022 and a prizegiving will be held at the exhibition opening on 24th Sept 2022. To hand in your winning work you can either leave at school reception for us to pick up, or mail directly to us.

24th September 2022 Exhibition opening at 10am at Wollaton Art Space in Wollaton Public Library. There will be a prize giving and the chance to meet and talk with the jurors. All participants are invited (even if your book didn’t make it this year)!


Clare Morgan, artist, printmaker, secondary school teacher (Website, Instagram)

Peter Knight, book artist and printmaker, running the private press The Common Press Crich (Website)

PRIZES (sponsored by Society of Bookbinders East Midlands)

There will be a public prize (most likes in instagram) and our Jurors will choose a winner and two follow ups from each key stage (KS3, KS4, KS5) in the following categories to exhibit at Wollaton Art Space, situated in Wollaton Library. First and a first follow-up will be awarded with a book on bookbinding (sponsored by the Society of Bookbinders, East Midlands), with the prizes given out at the opening of the exhibition.

Keep in mind that in a good artist book story, imagery, and how the book is made all should come together. How well all components complement each other will be considered for all prizes

  • Compelling Story
    Your book can have words but it doesn’t have to; your “story” could be a developing atmosphere, expressed through abstract drawings. A test whether you have a story is: if you switched the order of your pages, would the message of you book change? – if it does, then you have a story.
    Your story can be of any genre, and you can make your book about anything that comes to your mind; experience says it’s best to make it about something that moves or concerns you in some way.
  • Clever use of Structure/Material
    winners in this category delight the reader with clever use of what their book is made of. (A book about cotton candy made of cotton candy?) Or by using the special properties of the instant book structure: A book about a frog has a frog leaping out?, Maybe you use pop-ups, cut-outs, or… Watch some of the videos for more ideas and help with thinking about using the book’s structure.
  • Best use of Media
    media means the way you filled your book with content. Your media could be pencil or ink, or your computer printer’s ink, or acrylics, oils, embroidery, crochet, whatever allows you to make a mark/write/paint on your book’s pages.
    Winners in this category show expertise in their medium of choice, but more importantly, the media fits well with the story/content of the book.

How to Enter

For each book you want to enter, you’ll send us up to 5 photos (plus a video of max. 1min if you wish) and an entry form, which you will have to fill out, scan or photograph and send back to us with your parent/guardian’s signature. Only when we have the entry form and at least one photo of your book, your entry will be considered valid and complete

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For children living in the Midlands, UK aged 11-18.


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